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This site was built by the residents of Mantua Township.

Mantua Township is located in Northcentral Portage County which can be found in Northeastern Ohio.  Mantua Township is home to an unparalleled combination of rich history, farm families, aggregate businesses and deep roots. We are a community where neighbors look out for each other and wave when passing on the road.  What a great place to hang your hat!

This is to be an informative website designed NOT by the trustees but by the people.  This site is intended to serve our residents and our surrounding communities.  We are dedicated to preserving our heritage and balancing our growth.

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Disclaimer: The information included in this site is intended to inform and educate people of Mantua Township, Ohio of the local goings on in their community. It was created by people of Mantua Township for the people of Mantua Township. This information is not only free to distribute, but we highly encourage you to do so. Legal