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Facts about the Crestwood School Levy

Here are a few facts about the Crestwood School Levy!

All information was obtained from the school board and the board of elections

We report, you decide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! **Keep in mind folks, as your property values go up, so does the amount of the levy. This commitment is for 30 years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!**

The board is telling you that it's a 4.45 mill levy. This is true but what they fail to tell you is that on the same ballot is a .50 mill for permanent improvements. So if you vote yes it's 4.95 mills for 30 years!!!!!

In a conversation with Matt from the auditors office (330-297-3561) he broke it down.

On a $400,000.00 home, your taxes will go up $720.00 per year.

On a $300,000.00 home, your taxes will go up $520.00 per year.

On a $200,000.00 home, your taxes will go up $360.00 per year.

On a $100,000.00 home, your taxes will go up $180.00 per year.

What he did share along with this information is that Portage County is in the process of re evaluating all of the properties in the county. This usually means increases without a levy. This is a 30 year commitment!! Think long and hard about this. Our school is only 50 years old. Would you tear down your house if it were that old?Our enrollment is down due to people not having the big families anymore. Let's update our school and show the other counties that we can do this. Let Crestwood be the example!!
The following was our board president's, Deb Soltisz, Facebook posts after the presidential elections. After she posted this to her facebook page our board elected her board president.

Any other district would have asked her to resign.

Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook Facebook
This is a letter from Brett Reid, the appraiser that appraised the board office and the old Kinder house on Prospect Street. Kiko would not do the auction due to the board not willing to put a reserve on the buildings. The board sold the buildings for $11,500.00 Can you trust this board with 23 million when they do things like this??

Letter from Brett Reid
Tax Rates
Report put out by Chevron Energy Solutions!! This shows all of the work done in our different buildings. If the building was falling apart, why would they have done this?? Maybe it's not falling apart?? How sad it would be if we threw away all of this money. Let's keep going and show other districts that we can take the old and make new and be proud, be the example. Take a section every summer and update. If your house was too old would you tear it down or would you remodel?

Crestwood Phase 1

Crestwood Phase 1
This is an email sent to our superintendent asking about the article that the board president, Deb Soltisz, wrote in the Record Courier saying these buildings (high school and middle school) were no longer structurally sound. On April 19th she wrote a retraction in the Record Courier that the schools were in fact structurally sound. Can we trust her integrity?

This person is putting paid advertisements in the Weekly Villager against people that don't believe in his agenda on the levy. His wife is a reporter for the Weekly Villager.

Designation of Treasurer
Mrs. Soltisz, board member, in her article in the Record Courier said the cost of renovating was very close to building new. They are asking for 23 million for a new high school but in their own numbers it can be renovated for $14 million eight hundred dollars.

Is the 14 million dollar figure close to 23 million? It's of the opinion that 14 million might be somewhat of an inflated number, with all of the improvements already done in 2013.

Question: Is it 14 million or 18 million?! 18 million was printed on the following page.

Renovation Cost

Renovation Cost
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