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Promises Broken – Projects Unfinished – Wasteful Spending

As the 2013 election for Mantua Trustee will soon arrive, I think it is time to reflect on the disappointing & wasteful spending of long time Trustee Victor Grimm.  Talk is cheap, but here are some of the facts.

  1. Vic decided it was important to use the Township Funds to purchase the Old Mantua Center School without voter approval.  This decision cost the Taxpayers Hundreds of Thousands of dollars.  It is now years later and  the project  remains unfinished. PROMISE BROKEN!
  2. Vic purchased Exit Lights for the open hose two years ago at the Old Mantua Center School.  They remain at Vic’s personal garage.  PROMISE BROKEN!
  3. Vic requested and purchased Stainless Steel, two years ago, that had to be formed for the corner walls, outside the gym, at the Old Mantua Center School.  The Stainless Steel remains in the Boiler Room of the School, unused.  PROMISE BROKEN!
  4. Vic requested and purchase paint for the front door at the Old Mantua Center School.  The door was never painted.  Where is the paint? PROMISE BROKEN!
  5. Vic pushed for the money necessary to build an office for the Township Clerk at the Old Center School.  Vic wanted responsibility for the project.  It is now many months later and no work has been done to date.  PROMISE BROKEN!
  6. Two years ago Vic requested and purchased over $3,000.00 of steel to manufacture new stairs at the Old Mantua School.  To date, the material still sits in the basement of the school and has never been used.  PROMISE BROKEN!
  7. Vic requested that Hardox be purchased for repair of the Township Truck Bed.  The material was purchased, but the truck bed was never repaired. Overtime, the truck bed continued to deteriorate and had to be replaced. The Hardox material can still be found against the wall in the Township Garage.  PROMISE BROKEN!
  8. Vic & Mark Hall purchased Asphalt for the repair of the Taylor Woods Development’s road.  However, the vast majority of the asphalt was used at the old school instead of where it was allocated.  PROMISE BROKEN!
  9. Fifteen years ago, Vic promised the residents that new culvert pipe would be installed on their property.  The vast majority of this project has never been completed.  PROMISED BROKEN!

These are just a few of many of the broken promises and wasteful spending by Vic Grimm over his years in office.  He has now aligned himself with Carol Pollard preventing the Township from moving forward with fresh ideas with young blood as trustees. Positive and important changes with the election began in 2009.

It cannot be stressed enough that the right candidates be elected on November 5th.  Please vote to improve our Township by voting for Jason Carlton & Matt Parsons.

Separating the fact from the fiction

I see that there has been a recent article written in the "Weekly Villager" that is available in Mantua Township. The article speaks of the good, the bad, and the ugly that is currently taking place. Specific reference made to the upcoming election and the alleged nasty turn that it is taking.

I find it very concerning that these nasty allegations are already being thrown with little to no substance to support them. The fact that our township clerk wrote an article for the record courier and they published it without providing supporting information and documentation to support these allegations is troubling.

Next we have the "Weekly Villager" which also writes a story about the same item, the nastiness of this upcoming election. Specifically stating "Instead of slinging mud prospective candidates and/or their supporters have turned to manure as a weapon of choice in Mantua Township." If these allegations are in fact true why have only a select few people heard of these, specifically three people who are entrenched with one another and have the same agenda. One of these people sits at the township meetings and answers questions concerning the budget for the township, another is candidate in the upcoming election, and the last is someone trying to feverishly hold on to an elected spot that is increasingly slipping away.

If you cannot see a trend or theme here let me lay it out for you. In the prior election Mark Hall was defeated by John Festa thus breaking up a clique that had run the township for several years. They did as they pleased and did not answer to anyone. Once the clique was broken their two to one vote had now been reversed. They (the clique and their supporters) were in a very unusual predicament. For the first time in as long as they could remember they didn’t have the power, they didn’t have control, they now understood what it was like to be on the outside and not have their voice heard. Frustrating as it may seem they now had to find a different way to get their voices heard.

Fast forward two years to the current election. If they want to speak of nastiness, they need to look themselves right in the mirror. Come to a meeting; watch the video the evidence is clear. You have one party who is an employee of the township by being on zoning constantly attacking Trustee Carlton, his actions alone boarder on insubordination. You have another party (running for office and related to this zoning member) constantly attacking and attempting to belittle any attempts at progress that Jason and John have made in the last two and four years respectively.

If they want to hang their hat on progress and the loss of funds let us all take a long hard look at the prior regime and what they accomplished. Prior regime of course being Mr. Hall and current Trustee and upcoming candidate Mr. Grimm, the supporting cast that surrounded them are now the same people slinging the mud.
Fact: the township has owned the Mantua Center School building for almost ten years. There it sits, just like it did when it was bought. Nothing to show for it, no tenant to rent, no plan for the future….between the cost of the loan on that building and the upkeep, utilities and other failed attempts at renovation that building has cost over $700,000.00. Now two out of the three trustees are clearly on board of finding out exactly what it will cost to improve that building, bring it to current times, and make it a centerpiece of our township.

Fact: Prior to Trustee Carlton and Trustee Festa being in office there was no apparent road program, unless you call patching roads come October and November a plan. Fast forward to present day and you will see that many roads are being chip and sealed, crack sealed, and preserved in order to cut future cost. The current road plan was implemented by Jason Carlton and supported by John Festa…progress folks.

The veiled attempt to state this township is in a worse state than it was 4 years ago is not only ridiculous it borders on stupidity. Ask the residents this: Are your roads improved…Yes, is there a plan to move Mantua Center School forward…Yes, Have things improved dramatically in this township the last 4 years…Yes. The collective minority who say No obviously cannot adjust to the change in guard, the loss of power, and the thought that their once powerful voice and opinion is no longer needed. 
If you ask me, this is strictly my opinion…I do not believe that any of these alleged nasty incidents have ever taken place. Go ahead, call the sheriff and see if a report was ever filed. The answer will be NO. Ask your neighbor, ask a friend if they have heard of any of these disgusting, despicable acts. I am assuming that answer will be no as well.

When people become scared of change, have uncertainty of what lies ahead, and lose focus on what is most important (the residents of this township) they can only and will only resort to acts befitting of a coward. The truth is there for the taking, don’t listen to the minority clamoring for your sympathy. See beyond the falsehoods, the inconsistencies, and the lies. Find out the factual information for yourself and then make the informed decision we all have the right to do.

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